Private screening at the beautiful Duke of York’s cinema, Brighton

220 people filled the Duke of York’s cinema, early on Sunday morning, for a private screening of ‘dead good’ and… well… it was emotional… the image shows people first arriving… then after the screening, and an amazing standing ovation, we received some extraordinary words – here’s just a few of them:

” I absolutely *loved* your film. Beautifully shot, loved the threads of humour through it, and completely and utterly moving.” Kathy Caton

“So excellent to see this really brilliant piece of film making. I’m so moved by it I’m not going to be able to talk for the rest of the day I think. Or probably week. That closing shot is still with me now. Just sublime.” Toby Park

“A very heartfelt ‘congratulations’ on such a wonderful film.  I thought it was beautifully filmed; very honest, poignant and respectful; and with enough gentle humour to give some balance.” Judith Street

“I can honestly say it has totally changed the way I will deal with making the inevitable final arrangements for my family and how I will communicate my wishes for the same. Starting a Death folder very soon.” Robin Thompson

” It’s a film that will stay with me forever, really compelling, I felt totally absorbed from start to finish.” Jane Brighton

“Intimate, soulful and life-enhancing, it should be seen by the widest possible audience.” Sally O’Reilly