For nearly twenty years, a small group of women in Brighton (UK) have been changing the way people look after their dead, supporting them to participate during the ritual of care after death and empowering them to create personal ceremonies that reflect the life that the deceased lived. "Everybody can have a wonderful, personal, meaningful funeral that doesn't cost the earth, in many senses".

An intimate portrait of those dealing with their dead, supported during the ritual of care after death by a team of women who are ‘giving death back to the people’. These women are pioneers who challenge many of the accepted, traditional and often secretive ways of a multi-million pound industry. With extraordinary access, this independent feature documentary witnesses three groups of people on their unknown journeys making decisions about the care of the deceased and creating bespoke ceremonies. This relatively unknown work is part of an emerging movement that is changing how, as a society, we are dealing with the ritual of care of the dead and ceremonial rites in modern Britain. The 'progressive death movement' is also growing in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.

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